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Though I am not sure when I first began looking at the world predominantly through the lens of a camera, I do know that I was very young and the product filled me with intense fascination and joy; I could endeavour to make a single moment tangible in a lasting format. My first photographic subjects were my primary school friends; I attempted to capture the naïve silliness of our morning tea and lunch breaks.  When I begun travelling more broadly after school, my photographic interest shifted to architecture and landscape, and, as demonstrated by the majority of my photos, it currently rests in capturing what I believe to be the purest beauty of travel – the interaction of people with the place itself. This enables me to find fulfilment in photographing anything, anywhere – as my eyes have been trained to look for the little things, and find artistic inspiration there.

I am yet to find out where my photography will take me, but I am committed to embracing any opportunities as I find them and to continue to project my view on life and its many subjects with the help of my most loyal companion; my camera. 

Much love, Chanel (number 6) xx

Email: mail@chanelirvine.com

Competition Winning Photographs

Published on Her Canberra

Some people see the world in numbers, some see it in languages. Chanel sees it with an eye that turns an observation into an image.


“Perhaps the best way to capture the beauty and raw energy of any place is to focus on those who are engaging with it,” she says.


On her gap year, Chanel became infatuated with the colours and textures she encountered on her travels. From the  dyes and fabrics of Peru to the bold lines and muted grey/blues of the London skyline, the self-taught photographer realised that she saw the world aesthetically.


While studying PPE at the Australian National University, her love for photography has manifested itself in her small-scale photography business, taking photos for charity calendars and working on commissions. Irvine was recently chosen as a winner of the Lonely Planet magazine’s 100th Edition competition.


In recent months, Chanel’s photography has helped her reconcile hardship. She endeavoured to use her camera to capture the tiniest, most insignificant moments to make sure she lived each day to its momentous best.

Photographing her friends, her family, her travels, her beautiful dog Jock, and of course food, she has certainly instilled in the eye of every viewer the beauty in things overlooked.

The thing that is so special and unique about Irvine’s photography is her fantastic ability to see beauty in the most mundane scenery.

“In my travels to many natural and architectural gems around the world, I find myself most intrigued by their more ordinary peers; the people in their midst,” she explains.

Like the Impressionists, Chanel focuses on light and ambience as much as she does subject matter, meaning her photographs envelop the viewer with a sense of the still moment.

While Chanel doesn’t focus particularly on editing or a continued visual motif such as saturation or subject matter, there is a sense of serenity in her works that immediately characterise her style. It is a calmness and light you can’t quite put your finger on, but remain in awe of.

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